Pediatric Oral Surgery: Frenectomy

In addition to providing safe extraction services for our younger patients, we also offer additional pediatric oral surgery procedures such as cleft lip and palate surgery and frenectomies at the Center for Oral Facial & Implant Surgery today.

What is a frenum?

A frenum, also known as a “frenulum,” is a small fold of membrane that restricts the motion of an organ. In the mouth, we have three main frenula: the maxillary labial frenum (between the top teeth and lip), the mandibular labial frenum (between the bottom teeth and lip) and the lingual frenum (under the tongue).

About Frenectomy

Frenectomy is the removal (or reduction) of a frenum. It is used to free up the tongue for speech, to close a gap between the two front teeth, and for a number of other reasons. Frenectomy is very comfortable and most patients have very little discomfort or swelling (if any) after the operation.

When is a frenectomy necessary?

A frenectomy may be necessary to correct aesthetic issues such as a gap (after orthodontic treatment has been completed), or to free up the tongue for the regular development of speech, diet and the jaw.

What are the benefits of frenectomy?

  • Labial Frenectomy: A labial frenectomy usually involves the upper lip, and is performed to allow for increased movement of the lip and proper closure of the mouth, or to help close a gap in the teeth after orthodontic treatment.
  • Lingual Frenectomy: Children who are “tongue-tied” may develop a lisp, have trouble with speech development, eating and even develop long-term orthodontic problems from the frenum pulling back on the lower jaw over time. A frenectomy frees up the jaw, tongue and lips from the negative effects of the frenum.

If you have been told that your child would benefit from a frenectomy, please call the Center for Oral Facial & Implant Surgery today for safe, comfortable care in pediatric oral surgery. Chattanooga Office Phone Number (423) 893-3333